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What the FAQ?

You may be combing over this site and thinking “this is a lot to take in” and you’re not alone. We think big around here. Muse Canada Inc. works diligently to stay transparent and straightforward in our operations, but there are bound to be questions. Some of the more common questions we’ve fielded are below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’re happy to respond to any email questions we receive.

Q. What is Muse Canada Inc?

A. Muse Canada Inc is a membership driven unified platform that brings all the arts, culture and entertainment (ACE) industries together under one umbrella organization. Communities of inclusion under this platform include artists and artisans, performers, graphic designers, gaming technicians, musicians, makers, technicians and venues, anyone within the recorded and live performance industry, as well as all physical and visual artistic mediums. 

Q. What does Muse Canada Inc do?

A. The Muse Canada Inc unified platform is based on a membership structure, with in person workshops, mentorships, directories, professional forums and resources aimed to create communications and opportunities within and across all ACE sectors. We aim to make these connections as easy as possible to encourage growth within our industries.  

Q. Why did you create this platform?

A. Because connection, communication and coopetition is the key to creating more opportunity and success within the ACE industries.

By providing easily accessible industry specific resources, information, workshops, webinars, classes, communications and directories, we can all see and find all of the tools that we need for success within our own businesses, brands, bands, groups, troupes and associations. 

Q. Do you offer training and classes?

A. Muse Canada Inc is currently offering various digital webinars, workshops and classes through our partners, affiliates and third party opportunities. These will eventually be offered in person as well, once AHS and COVID restrictions allow it to happen. 
Our forums also offer a lot of conversation and Q&A. We will be going through these on a regular basis to keep up with the needs of our members and source out relevant educational sources. 

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