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Terms and Conditions

1. We are all about equal opportunity for everyone, and giving an extra hand up for those who traditionally, in our society, don't get one. As a member of Muse Canada Network I agree that I will show respect and equal opportunity for all Members, Mentors, Leaders, Directors, and the Executive of Muse Canada Network and Muse Canada Inc. 

• Professional, respectful behaviour on our platform is required. I recognize that anything that can be classified as discriminatory and/or hateful statements, phrases and gestures, online or in person is not acceptable. This applies to all workshops, forums, messages, emails, phone calls, writings, resource material, and any other method of communication under the name of Muse Canada Inc and your membership with us. Breach of this will result in a review of your membership - and if determined - an immediate and permanent ban from Muse Canada Network and related corporate entities under the jurisdiction of Muse Canada Inc. The banned individual/business/group/association will  NOT receive a refund of any balance of funds owing from the day following the date of termination of membership, to the end of the paid membership period. We take this seriously, and ask you to do so as well.

    2. I recognize that I am not to record any workshops or webinars hosted by Muse Canada or supported by Muse Canada, by any means, audio, visual or written transcript. All Muse Canada hosted workshops and webinars will be back catalogued, meaning they will be available for review as soon as possible following the live workshop.

    • We encourage all attendees to keep their video feed active for the workshop. This allows our Mentors to view how you are doing during the workshop with processing the information, and provides them with direct feedback that is normally present at in-person workshops.

    • An opportunity will be given at the beginning of every virtual workshop, that will be stated clearly by the Mentor giving the workshop, for everyone who wishes to take a “social” screenshot. All attendees who do not wish to be in this screenshot are welcome to turn off their video feed for this.

    3. By taking out a membership, you agree to not go out and start a company like this of your own. This will stand for a two year (24 month, 730 days) from the day after the termination of your membership contract with us.

    • You will not replicate in any manner our membership and contact lists, content, resources, media or any other intellectual property of Muse Canada Inc for the purpose of creating your own similar company. 

    • Jessi Toms of Muse Canada Inc will be entitled to obtain an injunction to prevent threatened or continued violation of this Agreement, but failure to enforce this Agreement will not be deemed a waiver of this Agreement. 

    4. If you or your business do not fall under the ACE categories including hospitality and tourism, your membership will be declined and your money refunded immediately.

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